Who We Are

PureRx Formulas. Life-Improving,
Medical Grade Supplements.

At PureRx Formulas, we offer life-improving, all-natural liquid tinctures to wellness consultants, healthcare practitioners, and health and wellness retailers that are eager to add high bio-availability products to their retail practice.

  • We are a distributor of all natural nutraceuticals specializing in:
  • Bio-identical Growth Factors (Super-Foods)
  • Adaptogenic Herbs​
  • Concentrated Vitamin Complex
  • Ionized Minerals
  • Our main focus is a spectrum of liquid tinctures that offer a wide range of health and medicinal benefits to clients of all ages and conditions. Some incredible benefits include:
  • Increase of Energy and Speeding Up Recovery
  • Hydration Support and Hungover Formulas
  • Improvement of Sleep and Increase in Libido
  • Help with Depression
  • Assistance in Youthful Aging
  • Reduction of Body Fat