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Our Story

The PureRx Formulas team consists of registered dietitians, bioscientists, exercise science graduates, master herbalists, and sports nutritionists with over 30 years of combined experience. We create formulas that deliver real results, safely and naturally. Our expertly formulated blends deliver safe, natural, real results that you can see and feel. 

Your health demands great formulas. PureRx Formulas help you live your healthiest life!



Our Process

Every detail matters. We control our manufacturing process from harvesting all raw ingredients, to formulation and bottling. Each and every product we make is created in our FDA registered manufacturing facility, 3rd party tested and backed by the scientific community. 

Our supplement formulas are extensively researched by independent scientists in the field. PureRx Formulas believes in total transparency; all data and information on our products are available to everyone. When it comes to your health and safety, count on PureRX Formulas to deliver. 

Demand the highest-quality supplements for your great health. PureRx Formulas sets the standard.


We believe in using only the highest-quality ingredients to craft our high-potency formulas, and our Velvet Antler Extract is no exception. Our VAE  gets its start from our farm-raised elk on our FDA-certified farm. We humanely harvest our velvet antler with the assistance of a licensed veterinarian, who oversees the health of these amazing animals. 

To ensure our formula delivers maximum results, we use 43 pounds of raw material to create a single pound of our signature blend. After harvesting, the raw material is immediately freeze-dried to undergo our proprietary extraction process; that extract is then concentrated to the high potency of 43:1 ratio. 

VC43x, our patent-pending formula, is the most potent and bioactive velvet antler extract available on the market today.


Efficient and Effective: The Delivery System

PureRx Formulas are designed for maximum results. We use only organic grape alcohol to preserve our ingredients, never artificial ingredients or harsh preservatives that can destroy all-natural compounds, rendering them ineffective. 

Organic grape alcohol works to help stimulate the tissue under the tongue, allowing the precious nutrients to disperse and be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Organic grape alcohol was chosen as our delivery method based on its ability to protect the all-natural constituents while maximizing bioavailability and efficacy.


PureRx Formulas only uses amber glass bottles to house our signature formulas. This eco-friendly packaging prevents sunlight from degrading the delicate, bioactive components and rendering the formula inactive. 

Using amber glass bottles guards against polypeptides from binding with a plastic container or spray bottle tubing; it provides a stable environment for growth factor molecules to retain their bioactivity.



The Science Behind Our Formulas

PureRx Formulas wants you to know that we take product safety and efficacy seriously. Click HERE to read our research and learn why PureRX Formulas are the gold standard in scientifically-backed supplements.


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