PureRx never compromises the high quality of our pure ingredients. Every ingredient we use is ethically and sustainably sourced, is all-natural, and never combined with fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients in any of our stellar formulas.

How is PureRx Formulas Velvet Antler Extract better than other brands?

Our Velvet Antler Extract is humanely collected during its growth phase and immediately freeze-dried to preserve the precious IGF-1 & 2 growth factors and bioactive constituents that make VAE such a superior compound. Velvet Antler Extract is known for its incredible health benefits, such as helping our bodies to build strong muscles, increasing post-workout recovery times, anti-aging benefits, assisting with male hormonal balance, support increased vitality and offers numerous other health benefits. These health benefits can only be experienced if the delicate constituents of VAE are not compromised by additives, artificial ingredients, or preservatives that can render the growth factors in VAE useless.

Other brands may source their VAE from overseas where the quality control cannot be overseen by that brand, or they may choose a more cost-effective option of using synthetic substances instead of all-natural ingredients.

PureRx Formulas takes special care to preserve the nutrients in our Velvet Antler Extract by using an all-natural liquid tincture to ensure it remains an active compound. This careful process allows you to experience live growth factors and constituents that can give your body maximum results.

VAE (Velvet Antler Extract) safe for athletes?

Absolutely! PureRx is completely safe and all-natural. We take care to never use synthetic ingredients in any of our formulas that may compromise the safety of our customers. Our Velvet Antler Extract is a safe, natural way for athletes to help build healthy, strong muscle tissue, experience more stamina and endurance during strenuous exercise, and reap the overall incredible health benefits that Velvet Antler Extract is famous for. PureRx Formulas Velvet Antler Pro 4500 is the perfect, naturally effective addition to any athlete’s supplemental routine.

Are PureRx Formulas Safe for Children to Take?

PureRx Formulas does not recommend children under the age of 18 take our formulas. Speak with a physician before administering any new supplements into your child’s daily routine.

Can PureRx Formulas be Taken with Other Medications?

We believe that safety should come first; please consult your physician before adding any new supplement formulas to your daily routine. Certain medications may increase or reduce the efficacy of our all-natural ingredients.

Why Does PureRx Formulas Only Make Liquid Tinctures Instead of Pills?

It comes down to efficacy. True, high-quality ingredients are expensive for companies to source. Tablets and capsules are often filled with preservatives and rice powder to “extend” their formulas, reducing manufacturing costs while keeping a higher profit margin intact. PureRx Formulas uses only the most potent, highest-quality ingredients suspended in a liquid tincture for sublingual delivery and maximum absorption. This method of formulation offers your body the optimal results that you want to see.

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