Dietary Supplements That Actually Work

Dietary Supplements That Actually Work

Vitamins designed for you by Nutrition Experts, with ongoing support. All starting from $1.2/day


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PureRX Formulas is an innovative supplement company, passionate about human potential. We formulate, design and manufacture premium liquid formulas, made from natural ingredients and backed by science to keep your physical and mental health in balance.

Science > Fiction

We believe in the healing power of nature and therefore use plant-based extracts as the foundation of our formulations. We source only the cleanest ingredients, with a focus on organic and non-GMO standards, to protect both you and the environment. Our supplements are manufactured in the USA under strict cGMP guidelines.

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✓ 100% Natural ✓ Ethically Sourced ✓ Most Potent Formulas

PureRx Formulas philosophy

For thousands of years plants have been used to nourish our bodies and enhance our wellbeing. In everything we do, we nurture this magical connection between plants and people to deliver the power of Nature’s vitality.

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LipoTrop has been an incredible addition to my practice. Patients say they notice improved energy and less cravings. It is so amazing to have something with clean ingredients to offer in addition to injections. Thank you PureRx Formulas!

DR. Lisa Saff Koche Founder of Spectra Wellness Solutions

As anesthetician for over 15 years I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the industry. I am a strong believer that beauty starts from within which is why I love the clean and natural products offered by PureRx Formulas. My favorites are Lipotrop of course, as well as HydroCharge for enhanced absorption, and Super Cleanse when I need an extra boost in my routine.

Alex Otero Medical Esthetician

Lipotrop is an absolute game changer. This product provides instant results. I noticed increased energy within the first couple uses and achieved the physique of my dreams at 40.

Billie-Nicole Howie Strength & Conditioning Specialist

I did my research and really grilled the founder on her formulations before I was willing to try PureRx Formulas and I have been truly pleased! Thank you for being a holistic company who cares about their quality and their clients!

Briana Michel Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

We have been working with PureRx Formulas in our gyms for a number of years now and we hear nothing but positive reviews from our members. Our nutrition departments carry Lipotrop, and it's the most requested item on the shelves. Clients rave about how fast and effective the product is, and we love the fact that it's a liquid form with such pure ingredients.

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How should I store my PureRx Formulas products?

Our products are self-preserving and do not require refrigeration. They can be stored at room temperate, even during the hot summer months. Store them out of direct light and away from direct sources of heat like your oven and stove.

Can I use your products daily?

This varies by the product. See the individual product label for specific use instructions and cautions.

What makes our formulas unique?

Liquid absorbability is vastly better than pills, tablets, and gummies. This means your body will readily take in all ingredients we’ve sourced and formulated for you.